There is almost endless things to do in London, city tours, museums, famous sights, good restaurants. I’ve come up with a few before here and here and thought I’d add to the list with some more alternative ideas. Read the rest! \(^u^)/ →


2011 turned out to be quite an eventful year for me. Kicking it off with celebration at Zojoji temple and watching Tokyo Tower lit up promised good things. In the same weekend in Tokyo I also discovered Japanese lucky bags, a surprising thrill comes from buying a reasonably priced bag and receiving a highly priced item inside tempted many shoppers.

Tokyo Tower at the turn of midnight Jan 1st 2011

Of course the big news of the year though came with the March 11th earthquake off the coast of Japan. I wasn’t far off this, just 80km away from the Fukushima nuclear reactors. Read the rest! \(^u^)/ →


Fireworks 2012


Happy New Year 2012

January 1, 2012 · 10 comments

So another year gone, how they seem to fly by so quickly.

Anyway enough drivel, I’ll get a best of 2011 post up soon (probably around March at the rate I work at). January maybe a bit slow for posts as I am working on a new front page for the website and have taken on a distance study course which I need to catch up with, such is life eh?

Thank you for all the support over 2011 and previous years, it’s been an interesting one with the events in Japan and me based in Fukushima, but I made some good friends there. In 2012 I think I will be focusing on my creative side a lot more. Back to basics with writing and photography, bringing higher quality items on here.

To kick us off, here’s a picture I took in London a few weeks back (I’m actually in London for New Years too) of the quality you can expect from me in 2012. Cheers and happy new year:

London red


London sunset