Hello and welcome to AdventureRob.com! This website is my personal blog documenting some of the things I do, the places I visit, my thoughts, photography and advice on all things travel and photography as well as the odd random musing. I hope it inspires others to leave the rat race and travel a bit, even if it’s just for a little bit. Travel isn’t always about expensive package deals and cruises. I’m living proof of that and am here to show you how it’s done long term on a much smaller budget.

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My name is Robert Fitzsimmons and I am a twenty-something year old from Portsmouth in the UK. I left my job before Christmas 2008 and started travelling and writing this blog early 2009. My first destination was Malaysia and I travelled further around south east asia followed by a year in Australia and a year in Japan after that where I met my wife. After a brief spell back in the UK to finish my studies I returned to Japan and am now settling down here so enjoying what Japan has to offer to the perpetual traveller inside me.

My number one hobby is travel followed closely by photography (I use and love my Olympus OM-D E-M5 which I think is the best travel camera at the time I purchased it. Other hobbies include writing, culture, video games (Blazblue and Final Fantasy 7 are my favourites), cars and motorbikes.

To contact me, please use the Contact Page or send me a message on Facebook or Twitter. You can also check out my about.me page or see my photography on 500px.com or FlickR. I really am all over the internet! I look forward to your comments! :-)

About AdventureRob.com

I started AdventureRob.com on blogger and transferred to a self hosted WordPress account in August 2009 using HostGator as my website host. The website uses the highly customisable Thesis theme which I would recommend.

I’ve divided the website into topics such as continents I have articles about and a few other ways of describing how the post is. For example: Adventure is about my more adventurous activites, Articles are aimed towards you for information purposes, Work is about how I am and how you can raise money whilst on the road. These are just a few examples about what I have on offer here.

One last note for those who are kind enough to stick around, every photo throughout my blog has mouse-over notes (just hold your mouse still for a few seconds over the photo), sometimes you’ll get extra information on the area or photograph, other times you’ll see a complete separate story to the post, enjoy ;-)

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