There are times when you hear about something and just think ‘that’s a great idea, why didn’t I think of that?’ I had that when I first heard about floatworks.

The idea is simple. There is a tank in a room, inside the tank is salty water which you float on. Then you close the tank door and just float for an hour receiving all sorts of benefits that usually takes a long time and a lot of effort to achieve (like a Buddist monk meditating in a temple length). It’s a bit like floating in sea in the dark, but without the drifting off to your doom and getting eaten by sharks bit.

Floatworks biggest tank pod

The floatation tank

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2010 – Sydney, 2011 – Tokyo, 2012 – London. It seems I have developed a habit of welcoming new years in different major cities around the world, this is also something I want to keep up, maybe I can stretch it further and keep to a different continent too, New York 2013 anyone?

To prepare for the big night in my home countries capital, I decided to make a brief to-do list over the new years period. I’ve been to London a few times before and seen most of the big sites, but some are worth revisiting, and some I’ve not seen before. I will also be accompanied by my girlfriend who I will be meeting in London and has never been before, so it’s important to view it from some fresh eyes.

1. Abbey Road – The crossing made famous by The Beatles album named after it, and constantly filled with tourists doing ‘that pose’. It needs to be done really doesn’t it?

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Fans of the James Bond series will no doubt be aware that the worlds’ most famous fictional secret agent does a lot of travelling throughout his films.

From the beaches of the Bahamas to the jungles of the Amazon, Bond jet sets around the world battling criminal masterminds, his adventures have even taken him into space!
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London is expensive, and everyone loves a freebie, so I have made this list of things you can do for free in the UKs Capital.

Buckingham Palace exterior

A nice place to have tea

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