Over the past few months I have been posting a fair amount on campervan living and how to get the most out of living in one. I had an enjoyable 6 months in mine and learnt a lot so I thought I’d finish off with a bit of a joke post…. The Ideal Home photo essay.

But firstly a quick recap on the previous campervan series posts.

Whether You Should Buy or Rent a Campervan – Start here before you set off on your travels, I have the answer for this question.

How to Pick the right Campervan for Travel – If you don’t have yours yet, this post is essential reading.

Where to Find a Place to Park and Sleep in a Campervan – I never paid for this in my entire 6 months.

Eating in a Campervan – Meal ideas, and how a gas stove won’t stop you making amazing meals.

Washing in a Campervan – The ever popular question – how do you keep clean in a campervan? is answered here.

Washing Clothing in a Campervan – For those who’ve lived with a washing machine all their life and can’t find the space for one in their van.

Tinting Windows for a Campervan – Essential in a hot environment and remarkably cheap to DIY it.

Keeping Your Campervan Maintained – The basics are covered in simple terms to make your vehicle and life a lot more easier!

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This post deals with the frustrating issues that your vehicle can give you on and road and is a continuation of the previous campervan maintenance post. I will detail the 2 techniques you need from the 2 most common problems – punctured tyres, and flat batteries.

Changing a Wheel

changing wheel

This image is actually quite good

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People assume that those living out of a campervan have bad diets. I mean, what can you do with a small gas stove anyway?

Well pretty much anything which doesn’t involve an oven – and that’s a lot of options. If you are desperate for a pizza you can always stop by at Dominos or something similar anyway.

Here I’m going to show you some of the things I made in the back of my campervan with a dual gas stove (powered by portable gas bottle), and I also brought my bbq accessories.

portable camping stove

Campervan stove

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It’s all well and good deciding to go on a long distance campervan trip, and that you want to buy your own campervan to do so, but what checks should you do to make sure it will be up to the job? Some newish vans are as likely to give you problems as a 20 year old one. I’ve got some previous mechanic experience and know what to look out for, so here is a list of things you should be looking for underneath the funky paintjob.

Pick the right campervan

Getting you from A - B is the most important thing

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To kick off a new series of posts of living in a campervan, I’m going to detail instructions for tinting your windows. It’s quite a simple procedure although skill and experience get it right, it is easy to mess up.

The benefits of tinting windows is numerous and those benefits are amplified in a campervan for a trip across a hot country.

mystery machine tinted

Tinting Complete

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