Why an Adventurous Holiday is the Best Way to See Armenia: Top 5 Destinations in Autumn

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Are you an adventure lover and trying to find various activities to spend your autumn holidays? Than welcome to Armenia. With its wonderful landscape, rich culture, there are many possibilities to have an unforgettable and adventurous holiday. This destination is full of exotic places, natural environment, wonderful mountains and hospitable people. Armenia has accepted Christianity in the fourth century and is the first Christian nation.

Autumn season starts in September when nature is so colorful and diverse. During the whole holiday, we will be surrounded by colorful mountains, will have a chance to taste Armenian dishes and local fruits, so it is a great time to see this traditional and cultural heritage.

This season can’t be imagined without Armenian grapes and wine. Armenia is a world of wines and has a various assortment of drinks. Winemaking has started thousand years ago and is still growing.

The weather is soft and warm, the air temperature is between +22-27 degrees. Autumn is the best time both for locals and for tourists to discover all Armenian colors.

Are you already attracted to visit Armenia? Here are the top adventurous activities that you can consider if you travel to Armenia over September-November.

Fairy Tale of Dilijan

Dilijan town is located in Tavush region.There is something magical about Dilijan in the fall. Nature is lavish in this area. During each season the colors are change and the town turns into fairy town. Dilijan is considered to be the most visited destination for tourists because one of the wonders of Armenia which is located here. There is Lake Parz that have an incomparable and unique beauty. Here you will feel yourself in a fairy tale and will listen to silence of nature.

Here you will find several historical monuments – Goshavank which was constructed in 12th-13the centuries, Haghartsin was built in 10th -13th centuries. Monastery complexes attract people with their unique architecture.

Autumn views in Armenia

Rafting in Armenia


Distance: 160 km

Difficulty: 6th-degree


Distance: 152km

Difficulty: 3rd-degree


Distance: 220km

Difficulty: 3rd-degree

Rafting is a very popular way for adventure lovers to find new extreme emotions. The most suitable and largest rivers of Armenia are the Dzoraget, Debed and Tartar. Rivers are located in beautiful green forests and mountains. The best time for rafting starts from June to October when the water level is optimal.

Armenia Rafting

Rock climbing in Armenia

Maybe you know that this small country has many gorges, cliffs and mountain chains. Year by year Armenia become a home for many Rock Climbers who travel just to enjoy climbing or participating in Festivals. During the festivals, visitors can learn climbing with the help of the professional trainer.

The most popular areas for climbing is Noravank Canyon in the Vayots Dzor province and is Hell’s Canyon in the Ararat region. Both of these places are a favorite for rock climbers.

Rock Climbing


Areni village is located in Vayots Dzor province. This small village is famous due to its local wines, delicious fruits and each visitor can’t forget the hospitality of the village. Here vast majority of the population is engaged in wine production, due to the skills inherited from their grandfathers. Also, you should visit Areni Caves where was found one of the oldest winners in the world. Every year in October you can participate in Wine Festival during which you can taste many types of wine and learn interesting traditions of winemaking.


Taking Over the Skies

You like flying or seeing the world from above… then Armenia is a perfect place to realize your dreams. Here you can feel the real freedom from gravity to the world. The sky makes everyone happy, makes us equal and brings back to childhood where we have our imagination. And it’s wonderful because you again can create your unrealistic world. The flying season starts from May to November due to microclimates of Armenia. In Armenian beautiful landscape you can try paragliding or air ballooning for getting different emotions.


Try to create your own adventure in Armenia!

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