Post 250

July 12, 2011 · 8 comments

I originally wrote this as an Aprils fools post, I was going to declare myself as leaving blogging because I didn’t want to do it anymore and was happy with life without it. However being in Japan after the March 11 earthquake and tsunami; it seemed inappropriate to fit in some April fools joke, more serious things needed to be addressed at that time. Then I noticed I was quickly approaching my 250th post so could adapt it somewhat (admittedly 3 months later). I never had a 2 year post, or a year review post in 2010-2011, but the 1/4 mille milestone seemed the next appropriate one to look back at what I’ve achieved since blogging here.

Mystery Machine Australia

Well I sold this thing after living in it for 6 months

So this is one of those re-capping posts and an update on my life at the moment as I’ve currently been busy filling this blog up with guest posts rather than finding time to write my own material.

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Helping Out

May 17, 2011 · 11 comments

As the work here in Fukushima is understandably slow so I’ve been helping out in evacuation centres around the area. Mostly people want English teachers for boosting morale and to help with children. The Fukushima prefecture has lost 60% of the foreign English teachers due to them moving abroad after the earthquake and tsunami (mostly teachers with children noticeably), so there are a lot of jobs going at the moment, when learning English is now more important than ever as it helps with communicating needs worldwide.

Evacuation centre March 11th Earthquake Japan

Boy walks from play area in evacuation centre

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Hubpages Challenge

6 Months Later...


This post is a bit of a break from all the travel stuff and is about my feeble adventures in making money online. 6 Months ago I completed the hubpages challenge, an experiment in making money online where I published writing on the hubpages website, put Google adsense on and links to Amazon products (where I get a tiny percentage (3-5%) of any product sold). As I promised at the end of the experiment I’m now going to analyse whether it worked or not and if it’s worth doing. Read the rest! \(^u^)/ →


Over the past few months I have been posting a fair amount on campervan living and how to get the most out of living in one. I had an enjoyable 6 months in mine and learnt a lot so I thought I’d finish off with a bit of a joke post…. The Ideal Home photo essay.

But firstly a quick recap on the previous campervan series posts.

Whether You Should Buy or Rent a Campervan – Start here before you set off on your travels, I have the answer for this question.

How to Pick the right Campervan for Travel – If you don’t have yours yet, this post is essential reading.

Where to Find a Place to Park and Sleep in a Campervan – I never paid for this in my entire 6 months.

Eating in a Campervan – Meal ideas, and how a gas stove won’t stop you making amazing meals.

Washing in a Campervan – The ever popular question – how do you keep clean in a campervan? is answered here.

Washing Clothing in a Campervan – For those who’ve lived with a washing machine all their life and can’t find the space for one in their van.

Tinting Windows for a Campervan – Essential in a hot environment and remarkably cheap to DIY it.

Keeping Your Campervan Maintained – The basics are covered in simple terms to make your vehicle and life a lot more easier!

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I have been asked to review a hotel comparison website called so this is what this post is about.
Firstly – it’s got a cool an appropriate name, you already know what it’s about just from the title. It is a place to compare hotel prices in the city you are interested in visiting.

hotel calculator logo

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