This is a guest post by Liah S Thorley is a travel writer and novelist from the UK. She has travelled extensively and particularly enjoys history and the arts.

The vastness of Canada is enough to boggle the mind, yet sitting next to its louder neighbour the USA, its quiet natural beauty can sometimes be overshadowed. I’d been studying in the USA and had a couple of spare weeks before going back to university in the UK. My time wouldn’t stretch to see the whole country so I had to be selective. The decision was easy – I was heading out West to British Columbia.

Now anyone who is or has been a student knows how hard it is to make ends meet, so you know what I mean when I say I was on the skimpiest budget I have ever had to make do on. I bought the cheapest flight to Vancouver I could find, threw my clothes in my bag and hopped across the border.

BC aka British Columbia

BC aka British Columbia

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