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Forget the stereotypes of stiff upper lip and proper decorum, the UK can actually be a pretty wacky place! Anywhere that considers jellied eels a delicacy has to be a little bit strange, really.

English eccentricity is at its best during some of the very unusual annual festivals that are held across the county every year. From face pulling and cheese chasing, toe wrestling and bog snorkelling, these wacky UK events will surely keep you entertained.

Gurning – Cumbria

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There are many different ways to get from point A to point B nowadays. In terms of the Great British holiday, point A is most likely to refer to good old Blighty herself and point B is more often than not the lovely lady France. And in terms of travel, nothing quite beats getting to point B than in the eternally faithful point C – the family Car.

travel cruise ship

Travel Cruise Ship

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Competition time again! All my budding photographer readers can enter this one courtesy of Lloyds TSB. The competition requires you capture British weather (so the photo needs to be taken in GB). Simple enough – turn up in the UK, point your camera to the sky and shoot! The prize money is a cool £10,000. How's that for incentive? You could even buy a nice coat to cope with the weather with that money.

British Weather in London

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