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This is a guest post from Arpi.

Like any mountain, it's attractive here

Mount Aragats

Are you a fan of extreme tourism? Then welcome to Armenia!

Due to the mountainous terrain, favorable climate, and amazing natural attractions such as extinct volcanoes, cliffs, and mountain lakes, Armenia is one of the most suitable countries for adventure tourism. Moreover, the world-renowned National Geographic Traveler magazine has included Armenia in the list of the top three Read the rest! \(^u^)/ →


New video campaign about UK show ‘Alone in the Wild’, thought some of you guys maybe interested:

This campaign sees eight well-known personalities surviving in some of the planet’s most perilous and remote locations. Each is left completely alone in a remote location, with just a handheld camera to film their struggle. They must find water, food and shelter, and battle against the elements and local wildlife. Forced to confront their innermost fears, will they survive being Alone in the Wild?


Right you lot, this competition is open to my handsome European readers and it is to win 365 days worth of hotel stays to use over a 5 years courtesy of Radisson Blu!

How it works

Radisson Blu are hosting the competition,  it is open to EU citizens and citizens of Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein or Switzerland to participate. However anyone can vote! The person with the highest votes wins the prize, so get all your friends to vote for you. The most votes by July 24th wins the greatest holiday in the world.

How to enter

Head over to www.greatestholiday.radissonblu.com/ and fill in the form on why you should win (100 characters), you then pick 4 hotels you’d like to stay in (you can change these if you win), add your name and e-mail address, and that’s it! Couldn’t be more simpler really, considering the prize on offer there isn’t an excuse not to enter!


Every week the Radisson Blu Team will select up to 10 winners among the latest entries. Winners are selected based on humour, creativity and originality used to present their stories.

Creativity Award winners get a special badge for their candidate page and a special prize from Radisson Blu. The Award will also raise your profile, giving you more visitors and hopefully more votes. See this week’s awards: here

Once you enter, let me know in the comments what you put in your entry form, it would be good to see what what you’ve written, and we can all vote for each other then!

Here is my well thought out entry, any votes are appreciated! http://www.greatestholiday.radissonblu.com/robert-fitzsimmons/890128/

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This is a sponsored post for this Travel Articles directory.

A1 Articles is a directory website and I’ve been asked to review their travel section. I’m not a big user of directories, so this format is a bit new to me.

There is definitely a mix of articles, leisure is a big part such as hotel reviews, golf breaks, winter sun, car rental, that sort of thing. However there is also some more interesting stuff like how to photograph wildlife, scenic drives whilst on holiday, activities to do when in XXX, etc.

With over 29 pages, displaying 15 posts per page, it won’t be long until there is over 500 articles in the travel section, so it’s a great place to search if you are after tips for your travel plans.