Phone test

I’ve never really travelled much with a smartphone, I’ve always had a cheaper phone mostly as an emergency back up rather than an aid to help my travels. I’ve been asked to develop a travel app before but never got that into it as it’s not something I’d use myself.

However earlier on this year I got an iPhone 4 after reviewing the Nokia N8 which I was kindly sent to play around with. I thought the Nokia, whilst a good phone didn’t offer much value due to the lack of apps and a awkward operating system, and with my Panasonic compact camera giving up after 5 good years of service I decided to invest in a smart phone for basic snaps rather than a new compact. I chose an iPhone 4.

However recently after that Nokia announced a new partnership with Microsoft and their flagship phone will feature the Windows Mobile operating system. Once again, Nokia went on a campaign choosing the internet to advertise, and I got my hands on another new Nokia, the Lumia 800, this time with windows phone, a whole lot more effort in marketing, see the video below to see what it’s about (only viewable on website not for subscribers I’m afraid).


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The Nokia N8

February 8, 2011 · 11 comments

The kind Nokia people at WOMWorld sent me a Nokia N8 to trial for 3 weeks and use it to enter the #N8 Producers competition to win a zero-gravity experience and flights to Florida. Unfortunately I didn’t get to keep the phone (boo) but I certainly enjoyed playing with it for a bit, coming from a Nokia 5800 and many other Nokias before, I got familiar quickly. Anyway, before I get too deep into the review, here is the video I submitted to the competition, it is of where I’m living in Japan at the moment.

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