This is a guest post from Laura Wright.

With the average family holiday to Europe costing about £2,000, it’s certainly not cheap to get away over the summer. Many of us are looking for ways to shave off a few pounds form the overall cost – something which can be easily completed provided you know where and when to look for the best deals.

There are a number of key areas where you can save a few pennies if you are willing to look around and get the best price. There are also some ‘go to’ operators and suppliers that always offer the best deals.


Before you go anywhere, try and think about destinations that will work out cheaper than others. A family holiday in the notoriously expensive Switzerland is naturally going to cost more than one in Spain. In fact, holiday costs have been falling in Spain in recent years due to an increase in competition and this means it’s more affordable than ever.

That means there are some really great deals to be had in Spain this summer. The price of accommodation, food, drinks and excursion are at an all time low which is great news for British holidaymakers heading to the Iberian Peninsula this summer.

Beach time

Beach time


Search out the best operators and accommodation and you can get some truly stunning deals. Villas4You provide affordable accommodation across lots of beautiful destinations throughout Spain. From the northern charm of Catalonia to the sun-kissed mountains and golden coast of Andalusia, Spain has always been a hugely popular tourist destination for us Brits – and it’s easy to see why.

With some truly exceptional and affordable villa holidays across main land Spain, this is a destination that should be top of your list if you’re looking to save some cash.

Relaxing time

Relaxing time


As well as accommodation and costs, you should also shop around for great travel and insurance deals. Flights and ferry crossing can vary in price so put the time in and you really can find a good deal. Shop around and get a quote before committing to any one deal. It’s always worth it. Remember that lots of little savings add up to a big one and the same goes for currency exchanges and car hire.

We love our holidays and most of the time really need them to recharge the batteries. They shouldn’t have to cost a fortune though and they won’t – provided you know where to look.