campervan maintainence

This post is not just appropriate for camper vans, but any vehicle you intend to do a long distance road trip with. With things like the Mongol rally becoming popular and modern cars being reliable with just an annual service, many people are venturing off on adventures without preparation and becoming disappointed, frustrated and out of pocket when a mechanical failure stops everything. A bit of preparation will stop you claiming on your travel insurance and help you maximise your trip enjoyment.

Previously before I got into travelling, I was heavily into cars, they were my main hobby. Although that doesn’t mean much if you don’t get your head under a bonnet and just like the pretty bits. Fortunately (?) I did, and spent an entire year converting my blown engine (thanks to an ex-girlfriend) into a supercharged uprated machine capable of much more. This was on a 24 year old Toyota too, not a modern car. So now you know my credentials on the subject, I’m going to break it down into simple steps to preventing problems and covering the basics to get you over 80% of issues you’ll likely experience.

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