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This article proved so popular I wrote another one a year later which can be found here.
In this article I’m going to break down everything that I will travel with on my next trip, what I travelled with in the past, and analyse it so you know what works and what doesn’t. I think everyone travels with too much stuff, if not initially then you pick stuff on on route which adds to the bulk. My stuff spread out below looks quite a lot alone. There really isn’t a need for it all and I think it comes from a materialistic background of having and consuming lots of stuff.

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So you just came from South East Asia and are used to spending $4 for a night in a guesthouse,  $2 for your daily meals and were happy with the money left in your wallet after a night of liver destruction and tuk tuk rides.

Then you came to Australia to earn some money and almost fainted at the sign ‘Pint of beer, only $7!’

Taking 'on a shoestring' to a new level

Taking 'on a shoestring' to a new level

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