You’ve seen pictures of them online; you’ve heard about them from your friends; you’ve read about them in travel books. “Destinations you must see,” but which don’t have quite a stellar reputation behind them for whatever reason.

Fellow travelers Agness and Cez of will present you with six such locations. We just need to make an important note beforehand.

eTramping Agness and Cez

Agness and Cez

The truth is that every country has some skeletons in the closet if we’re to put it that way. Well, we’re here to prove that each and every one of these places is worth the trip. Read the rest! \(^u^)/ →


Fans of the James Bond series will no doubt be aware that the worlds’ most famous fictional secret agent does a lot of travelling throughout his films.

From the beaches of the Bahamas to the jungles of the Amazon, Bond jet sets around the world battling criminal masterminds, his adventures have even taken him into space!
Ever fancied taking your holidays in a Bond film location? Here are a few ideas to help you plan your own little James Bond adventure – minus the secret underground lairs of course! Read the rest! \(^u^)/ →