A river is not the first thing people think off when you say Tokyo but the city like many others around the world is built around one. Like the others you can take a river cruise along it to get a completely different perspective of the city too.

I took a afternoon Sumida river tour, which included entry to the Tokyo World Trade Centre and a bus tour around a few tourist attractions in the ticket price online which seemed to be the same price as booking it on location (but you can pay with your own home currency). It’s available on Wednesday and Sundays currently.

Tokyo world trade centre

Tokyo Tower from the WTC

The tour starts with Read the rest! \(^u^)/ →

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Wondering around the back streets of Asakusa in Tokyo, I stumbled across this very cheerful guy and managed to record his complete performance. Although the video ends a bit abruptly I can assure you that was the end of the painting. It wasn’t the best looking thing in the world, but the guy certainly put on a performance painting it. Enjoy!