AC/DC Live in Sydney

March 19, 2010 · 12 comments

When I was in Singapore last year I was well aware of AC/DC’s forthcoming tour in Australia, just when I was due to spend time there – I had to get tickets.

Up at 2am when the tickets came up for sale. I typed the address, but couldn’t log onto the website. Disaster! Despite being in a country with one of the fastest internet connections in the world, after 10 minutes I got through to learn the concert had sold out, but to wait 5 minutes and the 2nd tour date in Sydney would become available. Read the rest! \(^u^)/ →


Brian Johnson Belting out 'Whole Lotta Rosie' on the 2010 Black Ice Tour


AC/DC are Australia’s most sucessful band, selling more albums than any other band, including the 2nd highest selling album (Back in Black) of all time (behind Thriller by Michael Jackson)  and one of my favourite bands, I just had to go see the exhibition (its first time worldwide) in Melbourne where drummer Phil Rudd is from (and the bands only Australian born member).


Members of AC/DC

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