Despite being able to trace some family roots in Scotland, I’ve unfortunately never been. But if I did I’d be going to these attractions first, which are in my top 5 of Edinburgh list, all of which could make half a day out on their own, enjoy!

1. Edinburgh Castle

Ross Fountain & Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh Castle is usually the first thing people think of when it comes to Edinburgh attractions. In fact it’s the most popular paid for attraction in all of Scotland. It’s a superb example of Bronze age engineering, even though the actual date of construction is unknown (9th-12th century sometime is the estimate). It’s worth getting there for the 1pm gunshot (done to indicate the time). Inside you can go on a tour around the castle. Read the rest! \(^u^)/ →


Forget the stereotypes of stiff upper lip and proper decorum, the UK can actually be a pretty wacky place! Anywhere that considers jellied eels a delicacy has to be a little bit strange, really.

English eccentricity is at its best during some of the very unusual annual festivals that are held across the county every year. From face pulling and cheese chasing, toe wrestling and bog snorkelling, these wacky UK events will surely keep you entertained.

Gurning – Cumbria

Remember when Read the rest! \(^u^)/ →


Teaching English is a popular method of earning money abroad in order to help fund your travels, as well as opening exciting opportunities to live and work abroad for extended periods of time and start a new unexpected career (trust me, lots do!).

I’ve fallen into teaching English a few times, mostly to help fund my travels, and although it’s not made me rich (I don’t think many people have got rich from teaching English come to think of it), it certainly did its job of extending my travels and keeping my abroad and fed.

Sneaky picture of one of my classes

** Note: I used to recommend Nomadic Matt’s book in this post but he has since removed it from sale and no longer supports it, so you will have to find an alternative now. I have removed links from this page to it for that reason too so if something doesn’t make sense that is why.****

To really get full details of how to do this, I recommend Nomadic Matt‘s book ‘How to Teach English Overseas’, not only does this cover the basics, but it has extensive details on some of the more popular destinations including insights from different and excellent people who’ve taught in each part of the world, including me, I helped contribute towards the teaching in Japan section, some more of my experiences can be found in this post. Read the rest! \(^u^)/ →


Black & White HC railway


Photo: Another Berry!

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I seem to have a fascination with shooting these at the moment.

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