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Calling all travel-loving greenies! Looking for a way to save Mother Earth, while still being able to travel the globe? Well, while it may not be the answer to global warming, staying at an eco-hostel just might satisfy your enviro-dilemma. What’s more, far from the limited choices of yesteryear, green hostels are today popping up in all corners of the world. Your only problem will be in selecting where to visit first!

SierrAzul hostel

SierrAzul Hostel

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This is a guest post from HostelBookers. HostelBookers has loads of unusual hotels including some floating ones! If you’ve ever fancied a night out at sea being gently rocked to sleep by the water now’s your chance! They have got loads of rafthouses and botels located around the world.

ArkaBarka-river view

ArkaBarka River View


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24-hour party people know to go to Miami. By day you’ll be hanging out at beach bars and by night, after a super-glamorous change, you’ll be strutting your stuff up the red carpet of one of the hottest clubs in town. The most ‘colourful’ nightlife is found on South Beach Miami. The hostels in Miami have picked up on the party atmosphere and many have on-site bars, roof terraces and games rooms, making it easy to meet fellow travellers. You can also ensure you have more money for drinks and club entries by getting them free with some hostels and waking up to a delicious free breakfast the next day at others. Here are two great examples:

SoBe Design Studio

SoBe Design Miami hostel Studio Pool

SoBe Design Studio Pool

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Before I arrive at a destination I always check hostel websites to book before I arrive, it’s handy because I can read reviews of other people that have stayed and choose the most appropriate one for my budget (that’ll be the cheapest one without rats and cockroaches everywhere then). Read the rest! \(^u^)/ →