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I picked this book up when leaving Thailand at the airport, a previous Stephen Leather book impressed me and I wanted a bit of in flight reading so chose this novel on the cool cover and interesting Synopsis.

Book Cover

Book Cover

This book is ridiculously good and should be a movie. The in depth knowledge of South-East Asia (from the richest Chinese triad leader to Bangkok’s prison) is accurate and makes the plot all the more realistic.

I’ve never really read thrillers before, but this book really is one I couldn’t put down, it was almost like reading a movie script, a very good one.

The main plot is a guy who escaped prison in the UK (for a crime he didn’t commit) finds himself in Hong Kong (with a new identity) a few years later, and his old cell mate blackmails him to do a task – break someone else out of prison. Of which he has to commit a serious crime (smuggling heroin in Thailand) to get into prison first.

There is a sub plot of a drug overload in Burma who the DEA want to take down and makes millions by having a nomadic base in the golden triangle. Hutch (the main character) when escaping prison is put straight into this sub plot and is forced to sabotage the drug den single handedly.

It is extremely well written and engaging and I’m pretty sure this book will entertain anyone who likes a good old fashioned action movie. 10/10.


This is an extract from the book ‘Rusian Documents… Mongolian Dust’. All photo’s and text copyright and courtesy of Rensina van den Heuvel.

Oh that bloody Shower!
Russian Documents…..Mongolian Dust
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I travelled for 7 weeks in Malaysia and 1 week in Singapore; my assistant was this book. With much more colour and Photography than Lonely Planet books the eyewitness travel guides certainly help plan your trip as you can visually see the attractions before you go.

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