Ferry Building

February 25, 2014 · 0 comments

I previously mentioned the Ferry Building of Pier 1/2 in San Francisco, but I feel it needs more coverage as it’s a destination in itself. I don’t think the name of the building needs explaining, but the contents is all about food. The famous Vietnamese restaurant needs to be booked ahead if you plan to go there (something I didn’t realise until I walked up and enquired. But I did manage to time the date I visited to a Wednesday, when the farmers market is open from 10AM to 6PM. If you happen to be in San Francisco on a Wednesday, then definitely go and indulge in the organic food.

SF Ferry building

The Ferry Building

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February 21, 2014 · 2 comments

Alcatraz. I didn’t know much about it. It’s a prison out at sea based on a rock, and Al Capone was sent there. I never watched the movies like The Rock, or Escape From Alcatraz so didn’t have any expectations of the place. But still, I knew I wanted to go. I love places which have been abandoned, it fact it’s a hobby of mine to visit such places. One of my favourite places I visited was Angkor Wat, and I knew Alcatraz could turn into a favourite too.


The Rock

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There Be Art Here

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So free for the afternoon we set on out to just make our own way and explore. Finally my style of travel! As we were advised to stay out of the Tenderloin area, I thought I’d try to skip the area, but promptly walked straight into the heart of it. There were a few art galleries on route which took Harue’s attention, and one pathetic attempt of a camera shop (hey I live in Japan, very little comes close for camera merchandise). I also noticed some reconstruction was covered by boards (to protect the public from dust/debris etc) was open for artists to have a go of creating something on them, which was actually nice to see, very characterful and not something seen in my adopted home country of Japan. Next we seem to find ourselves in the city centre and I am tricked into going into some shops again. Read the rest! \(^u^)/ →


This is a guest post from Eva.

The Dalaman region is often referred to as Turkey’s Turquoise Coast. The crystal clear, balmy seas are certainly a great reason to visit but there’s a lot more to see and do on holidays to Dalaman.


beach photo

White Beaches

There are a number of great beaches in and around Dalaman. Belcekiz for example, the main beach at the Olu Deniz resort, has a reputation of being one of the finest in the whole of Turkey.

The wide arc of fine sand and shingle is perfect for a lazy sun-kissed day but, for the more energetic, a wide range of watersports and activities are available. For the even more adventurous, multi-coloured paragliders constantly glide from the heights of Babadağ Mountain to touch down in the crystal clear lagoon.

Nearby is the Lycian Way trekking route that wends its way past ancient rock-cut tombs. Calis has another superb beach with a 4 km stretch of sand and an attractive promenade packed with bars and restaurants.

Nearby Marmaris, meanwhile, is perfect for diving and snorkelling due to its clear, calm waters. The beach at Dalyan is also famous for its breeding population of rare loggerhead sea turtles. The species has been in existence for 45 million years but is now endangered.

Due to conservation issues the beach is closed nightly during the breeding season but you can visit the turtle sanctuary which helps look after sick or injured animals.




Located to the east of Dalaman, Fethiye is a bustling Turkish market town where you can practice your haggling skills. Visit the bazaar area of Paspatur, especially during the Tuesday market.

Here you can buy anything from local fresh food to genuine Turkish carpets, beautiful handcrafted gold items and the famous sweet Turkish delight.

Food and drink

Largely influenced by Ottoman cuisine, the local food features a lot of lamb and minced meat, with fragrant spices. Try karniyarik (split aubergines filled with minced lamb, pine nuts and dried fruits) or hunkar begendili kofte (meatballs served with a puree of smoked aubergine and cheese) for a real taste of Turkey.

Simple kebabs are also popular and if you fancy succulent seafood or a steak and chips then that can usually be arranged as well. Wash it all down with an orchid tea or the local beer: efes.


Awake and panicking about returning the rental car on time, we spent the late morning driving out to the direction of the airport, not the most relaxing start, but who ever said Vegas was relaxing?

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