February 21, 2014 · 2 comments

Alcatraz. I didn’t know much about it. It’s a prison out at sea based on a rock, and Al Capone was sent there. I never watched the movies like The Rock, or Escape From Alcatraz so didn’t have any expectations of the place. But still, I knew I wanted to go. I love places which have been abandoned, it fact it’s a hobby of mine to visit such places. One of my favourite places I visited was Angkor Wat, and I knew Alcatraz could turn into a favourite too.


The Rock

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There Be Art Here

February 18, 2014 · 0 comments

So free for the afternoon we set on out to just make our own way and explore. Finally my style of travel! As we were advised to stay out of the Tenderloin area, I thought I’d try to skip the area, but promptly walked straight into the heart of it. There were a few art galleries on route which took Harue’s attention, and one pathetic attempt of a camera shop (hey I live in Japan, very little comes close for camera merchandise). I also noticed some reconstruction was covered by boards (to protect the public from dust/debris etc) was open for artists to have a go of creating something on them, which was actually nice to see, very characterful and not something seen in my adopted home country of Japan. Next we seem to find ourselves in the city centre and I am tricked into going into some shops again. Read the rest! \(^u^)/ →