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I previously mentioned the Ferry Building of Pier 1/2 in San Francisco, but I feel it needs more coverage as it’s a destination in itself. I don’t think the name of the building needs explaining, but the contents is all about food. The famous Vietnamese restaurant needs to be booked ahead if you plan to go there (something I didn’t realise until I walked up and enquired. But I did manage to time the date I visited to a Wednesday, when the farmers market is open from 10AM to 6PM. If you happen to be in San Francisco on a Wednesday, then definitely go and indulge in the organic food.

SF Ferry building

The Ferry Building

The Ferry building side facing San Francisco bay is host to a number of restaurants, I don’t think the view is particularly good due to the building not being right on the edge of the bay (there is a walkway you can get a better view from between the building and the bay), so take your pick on what you want to eat. The side closest to the road hosts many food shops, like a permanent marketplace. I remember the cheese shop and patisserie being particularly popular, as well the as mushroom shop. I even made a purchase from a small stand selling nut products (different flavoured nuts).

Mushroom selection

Mushrooms available, who knew there were so many?

mushroom kit

Grow your own mushroom kits

Outside the building, next to the street was the organic farmers market. Most had a free sample selection, so I did my duty to taste as much as possible. This is the sort of place people should be getting their products from, rather than chain supermarkets with GM food, but this isn’t the place for me to rant on about organic food, supermarkets, and prices. This is the places for pictures, and jealousy. So here are some of the selections:

market peppers


apple in hand



Carrots and leaves

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