A Belated Happy New Year

January 8, 2013 · 1 comment

Where on earth did 2012 go? At least the Mayan’s were wrong (apparently). Although I didn’t get much travelling done it was a busy year for me. After a 7 year long gap year (really!), I finished my bachelor of science degree. I got engaged, married and emigrated to Japan, and also had 4 different jobs this year too, as well as attempting to upkeep this blog.

Japanese Dessert Lucky Bag

Japanese Dessert Lucky Bag

So we enter the 13th year of the millenium. It’s time to reflect, re-evaluate and move on with life, as we all do every year. Unfortunately I’ve broken my 3 year long new year celebration on different continents continuity this year, by returning to Asia (Japan) where I brought in the new year 2 years ago. Last year was Europe (London), so at least I’m in a different continent to last year, so that still counts, right?

This year I don’t have a major plan, but I’m going to continue learning Japanese, develop a new website which is not travel focused, and try to travel as much as possible around Japan, although I don’t think I can get to many other countries, there is so much to see in Japan I don’t think this blog’s content will suffer because of my lack of flying this year.

I’ve also got myself a phone (iPhone 5, yay!) which actually works with the internet here in Japan (they make it unbelievably difficult to use your own phone here as a foreigner), and have started using Instagram, you can follow my photos of life in Japan here on there, feel free to follow me too if you’re using the app! I spent my new year holiday with my wife’s family in Sendai and rented a car for a day to look at the tsunami aftermath, I took a few videos too so I’ll do a post on that soon, but here is a sneak peak photo anyway.

Building standing after tsunami

Tsunami Japan

Don’t worry I’m not going to make a habit of posting instagram photos on this blog, just I felt this one suited a teaser shot well.

Here’s to 2013, Kampai!

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Lorna January 10, 2013 at 6:16 PM

Happpy New Year, let’s hope it is a good one. 2012 was a busy one for you, let’s hope 2013 get’s you all you wish for.


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