Top 10 European Fun Guide

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This is a guest post from Look Travel Network.

A European fun guide should be huge in order to comprise all the awesome activities available for tourists. Thus, the present article is merely one of the thousands different fun guides that may be written on this subject. This being said, we have to add that the list below was hopefully created so as to satisfy as many people as possible; here are the 10 “must-dos” in our European Fun Guide:

1. Travel in a gondola, on the Grand Canal

Grand Canal Venice

Grand Canal

Venice is a unique place in the world. A perfect destination for couples who want a romantic adventure, Venice offers many attractions to its visitors but the most famous is the Grand Canal, with its picturesque gondolas and vaporetti and with its beautiful palaces standing tall in spite of their age.

2. Learn Hungarian cooking

Hungarian cooking is great and Hungary is famous for it. But in Budapest, you may learn to do it yourself. Spend some really funny hours cooking your on Hungarian dishes and learning even how to prepare a complete meal. Then, when you go home, you may impress friends and family with your knowledge.

3. Experience European nightlife in London

An awesome club is a must in any fun guide. London, known for its intense nightlife, is the perfect place to start your search for the best clubs in Europe. The cream of the English clubs is Fabric, located in London. One of the first European venues to feature “bodysonic”, this location is a must for any European fun trip. However, this is not the only European nightclub to stand out: Space, in Ibiza, or Cocoon, in Germany are also great choices.

4. Family fun at Disneyland Paris

Even though this site might be overlooked in the European fun guides, it is nevertheless the greatest touristic attraction in Europe. The huge amusement park opened in 1992, under the name “Euro Disney Land”, which was later renamed “Disney Land Paris”. Since its opening, it saw incredible amounts of tourists each year.

5. Gamble at the Casino of Monte-Carlo

If you like to gamble, than you should know that this is the ultimate casino in Europe. Monte-Carlo, renowned all over the world as a touristic hotspot, is a splendid city in itself, but visiting this casino will complete any European trip. This place is interesting to non-gamblers too, for its architecture, its exquisite interior decoration and simply, for the fun of it.

6. Shop in style, in Paris

Gucci shop in Paris, France

French Shopping

If you are eager for a shopping session (or you just won at the casino), the city to go to is Paris. There is no better place to find stylish, elegant clothes than the shopping districts of Paris, and the millions of tourists who come here to spend their money each year agree with this claim.

7. Go to ski in Interlaken, Switzerland

When it comes to European fun guides, one item in the list must refer to skiing, as this activity is one of the favorite sports of the world, and Europe is filled with great ski resorts. However, of all the wonderful locations, one stands out- Switzerland and in Switzerland, one place is more popular than the others – Interlaken.

8. Lose yourself in the Turkish Bazaar

Istanbul is one of the most beautiful places in the world! This amazing city which looks forward to the future but takes care of its inheritance as well, is home to the Grand Bazaar, a place where you will need days, in order to have enough walking around, admiring, and buying things you probably did not even know you need.

9. Meet Dracula at his castle, in Transylvania

Bran Castle as seen from the south side

Bran castle in Romania

Located in Romania, the Bran castle is an architectural jewelry, but the foreigners who visit it are usually interested in the story of Dracula. That’s just fine because the old castle transforms all visitors into believers who nearly expect him to come out of the coffin. Thus, if you are an adventurer in search of an awesome experience, try a vampire hunt in Transylvania.

10. Wine tasting in Rome

Tourists usually go to Rome for the food, for the cultural richness and for the genuine beauty of the city. This European fun guide however, dares proposing you something a bit more original: wine tasting. You may spend 2 hours tasting 7 of Italy’s finest wines, and learning something about them from an expert. This is certainly one of the many ways to have fun in Europe.

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