Ann The Mental: Part 2

September 27, 2010 · 3 comments

‘Well this is interesting’ was my first thought when I looked at the girl covered in 2 drinks passed unsuccessfully by my delightful bunny boiler friend.

She gave a death stare back and seemingly the music died down while everyone anticipated what would happen next.

“I can’t believe you did that!” Said the poor girl in the now multicolour top, she handed her drink over to her male friend and held her arms out a bit like a zombie because of how wet she was. I was pleased she didn’t have the drink now because I was right behind Ann and surely in the firing line of a projectile cocktail, and then…

SLAP! She swung and Ann and made some silly noise doing so, there didn’t seem much force behind her slap though.

Ann immediately poked both her arms out and pulled the girls hair from both sides pulling her head down. Again making some stupid noise only girls can do and I haven’t the writing experience to describe.

I grabbed Ann by her shoulder and pulled her back telling her to calm down, fortunately she heard me and seemed to obey.

The guy the other girl was with also pulled her back by the waist and they disappeared backwards into the crowd.

“So… what was that all about then?” I asked Ann, as she looked towards the bar.

“She was with my last guy, I think she stole him from me”.

“I see, and you’re still interested in him?”

“No, I don’t like him”

“So… what was the problem then?”

“I don’t know” She seemed confused at herself, then beamed a smile and carried on dancing like nothing happened. Seemingly the crowd lost interest now too, apart from the girl from before who with her friend was still looking. I gave her a look while Ann did her mentalist dance routine again and she gave me a cut throat sign and pointed at Ann, as in to get rid of this loony asap.

“I’m not really feeling this place anymore, and I need to pee” I said to Ann, who of course escorted me to the toilets again, allowing me no chance to escape, there wasn’t windows in the toilet to do this either.

As I left the toilets Ann suggested another place we could go to which sounded like a good idea to me, another new chance to escape. As we left we came across her friend who she threw the drinks over and they locked eyes.

Ann made conversation, apologised for the outburst actually invited her to come with us to the next club but the girl declined. Me and her fella passed a ‘what is going on with these wimmin’ confused look at each other and we made our way out to a taxi outside and to the next club.

The next club seemed a bit larger but was less populated, again I don’t remember the name of it at all, or where it was, but it did have a slight sports theme to it, enhanced by large TV displays dotted around. There was 2 large circular stages with concrete supporting poles in the middle and these were surrounded by tables and chairs.

Ann got the drinks in whilst I looked for exit points, nothing obvious, but the toilets this time was close to the entrance/exit so a quick escape might be possible. We headed over to one of the center stages and took a table, Ann hooked her bag under it (there were hooks for this built into the table) and took a sip of her drink.

Before I could think of any boring conversation to start, she jumped off her stool and started dancing again. By this point I stopped caring and just figured something will work itself out later in regards to escaping, plus the cocktails were starting to work their magic.

A while later and we was both up on stage dancing, and I heard a strange sound, something unusual for a nightclub, it was… a trumpet.

“HEY!” said the man from behind me

“Er… Hi?”

“You like my trumpet?” The man indeed did have a trumpet in his hands, quite normal for an orchestra, quite unusual for a nightclub. This was a nightclub.

“That’s a fantastic trumpet, I wondered what that sound was” I replied.

“Thanks, I am French!” He said.

“Nice to meet you French, I am English”.

Instantly disliking each other after revealing our national identities, he said goodbye and carried on trumpeting around the club. If there ever was such a sentence like that uttered before I’d like to see it. Just to prove this isn’t made up, here is a picture I took on my mobile phone of him across the club. The picture is of course appalling as it was dark and on a mobile, so I circled the guy, you can just about make out the trumpet shape.

Trumpet Playing French guy in Bangkok nightclub - such is my life

You might have to squint a bit here...

Anyway, this guy has nothing to do with the story, so you can forget him now. What you can’t forget is the girl who previously warned me away from Ann, because as it turns out, she too was stalking me, and was also in this club – the other side of Bangkok. I can only imagine she followed in a taxi or got several taxi’s around to every club looking for me.

This isn’t me boasting either because, when Ann decided to finally went to the toilet, and I had my chance to escape, the same girl came up to me for a chat (note: I didn’t previously notice her in this club so am unsure on how long she was there watching).

Putting my glass down and focusing on the exit I get “Hi”

“You again?”

“You’re still with the girl, can you get away?”

“Well she has gone to the toilet and I was about to leave”

“OK cool, can I give you my number, we can get in touch later on when you get away from her”

“Sure thing” I said, and we exchanged numbers storing them on each others phone as the modern way of exchanging numbers go.

Of course Ann saw us exchanging numbers. Of course she reacted publicly to it. Of course I’m going to leave the end of the story to part 3 so stay tuned :-D

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Candice September 28, 2010 at 5:20 AM

Dammit Rob, you stud. If you don’t finish this story now I’m enver coming back.

Is that Ann’s arm being thrown up in a crazy dance-off in that image? Hah. Awesome.
Candice´s latest blogpost – Luxury for a Self-Proclaimed Hobo in Guysborough- Nova Scotia


AdventureRob September 28, 2010 at 9:14 PM

Lol! I’ve half finished part 3 which will be the final part I promise :-)

I’m not sure if that’s her arm or not, might be someone else covering their eyes after seeing her dance.


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