Ann The Mental: Part 3

October 1, 2010 · 8 comments

The girl looked sideways and shiftily moved away, she spotted Ann returning, and after witnessing the events in the last club I’m not surprised wanted to stand back. Considering I had a 15 second conversation with this girl after Ann went to the toilet, Ann must have had some sort of super piss to get back so quickly, think fire hydrant style considering how much she had drunk by this point.

“What was that about?” Ann asked quickly, giving me the most serious face of the evening.

“Nothing, we was talking”

“You gave her your number”

“Oh… you saw that?”

“Why did you give her your number?”

“Because she asked for it”

Ann sat down looking for me, I probably should have just ran at this point and cut my losses, and then move to a different country. This is the only tactic I’ve ever had success with when it previously comes to dumping girls after all.

Ann then covered her eyes and burst into tears. A tear stream from her eyes similar to anime characters when they cry, example below.

Crying Anime


“Alright stop crying, it doesn’t mean anything”

“But I thought you liked me?”

“What gave you that idea?”

” :-( ” – yes that’s actually the reply I got.

“I’ll delete her number, will that make you feel better?”


So I deleted her number, and asked if there was anything else I could do to stop another round of attention seeking.

“It’s not enough, she still has your number and will call you”

“Well what can I do about that?” Of course the answer from her perspective is obvious, although from my view there wasn’t an answer here.

“Go and ask her to delete your number”

“You can’t be serious?”

“It’s the only way to prove that she doesn’t matter to you”

“Can’t I just ignore her when she phones like everyone else?”

“No because she will keep phoning”

Knowing I wasn’t going to win here, I turned around and spotted the girl, grumbling under my breath I approached her.

‘Hi again” I said

“Oh hi, what happened with your girl?”

“Listen, my girl… wants you… to delete my number… from your phone”.



“But that’s stupid”


“She is crazy”


“Why are you with her?”

“I’m trying to ESCAPE, just help me out here please”

“Shall I just pretend to do it?”

“To be honest, I wouldn’t if I was you”

“Did you delete my number?”


“Is my number still in the phone log?” (phone log: menu which remembers who called you, alternative to contact list)


“Your number is still in my phone log too” She winked as she deleted my number from her contact list.

“Thanks, I’ll call you later or something” I said as I walked away from this sensible girl who was hoping she got one over Ann.

I turned around and Ann was watching like a hawk does to it’s prey and walked back to her.

“There, she deleted my number, I hope you are happy”

“No – you should delete her number from your phone log too”

“Yes… I forgot about that” so I deleted the second recording of the girls number who I never even bothered to ask what her name was (hence why she hasn’t got one in this story).

“Thanks” she smiled and got up on stage to dance again cheering herself up seemingly over the whole event which was annoying considering how much of a emotional fit she threw just minutes ago.

Anyway, now annoyed and all the drunkeness slapped out of me, I decided to man up and end the night.

“Ann” I shouted up to her.


“I don’t like you”  – I never was one with words, so figured the truth would be best and quickest way out of this.



“I can’t hear you!?” – it was a loud club after all

“I’m going to get another drink”

“Drink? Yes please”

“You heard that then?”


“Never mind, I’ll get drinks”

So I walked up to the bar and there was a queue. I took a look around and spotted the other girl from earlier, she was looking at Ann. Ann was dancing and for the first time not really paying attention to me. I then looked at the door, now was my chance!

So I seized the opportunity and got out of there, ordering a taxi back to my hostel but stopping the driver half way so I could have a slice of pizza at the nice place I saw earlier that night. My phone rang whilst I ate walking back, it was Ann, probably wanting to know where I was. I smiled, turned my phone off and booked my flight out of the country when I got back to the hostel.

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Denise Michaels October 3, 2010 at 8:59 PM

Doesn’t seem like anyone is “mental” here, but, it does seem like a lack of real honestly. You can’t keep “Ann” or anyone else from having her authentic feelings. That’s not “mental” even if it’s a bit inconvenient to you in a club. She can’t change you from honestly not caring. If you don’t – you just don’t.

When you find the right person you want to be with for a long time, you won’t let someone else have your number. Let alone enter her number on your phone. You’ll say something like, “Gee, I’m flattered you would ask, but I’m really happily involved with my girlfriend. She’s just in the ladies room for a minute.”

No matter how many countries you travel to love is the greatest adventure of all.
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AdventureRob October 3, 2010 at 10:26 PM

You don’t think throwing your own and other peoples drinks over someone, and then attacking them over something insignificant from the past in a public place is not a bit mental?

She wasn’t my girlfriend either, we knew each other for about 3 days and I spent the evening trying to escape her. I certainly wasn’t going to tell the other girl I was happily involved when she interrupted my first chance of escape.


Corbin October 4, 2010 at 1:05 AM

Haha I’m with you on this one Rob, that damsel was mental! I hate when people can’t take a hint. Typically you know whether or not a “night out” is going well just by reading body language, and clearly by giving some extra attention to a semi-normal girl, Ann the Mental should have figured this out on her own.

I commend your ability to James Bond out of the country without dealing with an awkward goodbye. If that’s not a man’s way out, I don’t know what is.

+2 for AdventureRob!
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AdventureRob October 5, 2010 at 11:16 AM

Yeah, I had to be a bit blatent as hinting wasn’t exactly working. Should have just hit on every girl in the bar to get my message across really.

Thanks for compliment! It’s not the first time I left a country to escape a woman, I dread the day when one crosses borders to find me :-o


Candice October 4, 2010 at 12:28 PM

Yup, batshit crazy. Good call.
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AdventureRob October 5, 2010 at 11:16 AM

Nice to have females back me up here too! Thanks Candice ^_^


Dustin Main | Skinny Backpacker November 5, 2010 at 1:05 PM

Hilarious, though I’m surprised you didn’t just ditch earlier… like just leaving.

Then again, wouldn’t have made much of a post!
Dustin Main | Skinny Backpacker´s latest blogpost – Halloween Warning


AdventureRob November 14, 2010 at 3:51 AM

Trust me, I wasn’t hanging around to try and get a good blog post out of this :-) There was just little chance of escape.


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