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Merry Christmas!

December 25, 2012 · 1 comment

I wish all my readers a nice Christmas and holiday season. Here is a photo of me dressed as Santa (it is actually for a job in Japan believe it or not!) for your amusement, and my gift to you.



Ho Ho Ho

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60 Foot Gundam

May 26, 2012 · 10 comments

60ft Gundam replica in Japan


Note: This page was updated on 1/1/16 to link to newer models of the camera’s mentioned, apologies if I send you to an older model if you decide to buy one of these.

I’ve been talking a lot about photography recently, I’ll try to get back to travel stuff from the next post onwards, honest! But I’m so happy with photography and my current camera it reminds me of when I got my first dSLR and saw the quality improvement over a basic point and shoot. I really feel the need to shout about this camera.

I’m talking about the Olympus OM-D E-M5 (or latest model: Mark II version). It sounds much like a computer code rather than a product name, like a lot of cameras do, so what makes it so special and suitable for travel?

OM-D in hand

In my hand - yes it's small

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One thing I’ve usually avoided on this blog has been photos of people. It’s uncomfortable to take pictures of strangers (or relative strangers) and posting them on the internet. A lot of people don’t like their own photo being taken after all. I’m pretty sure the untag button is constantly being clicked on Facebook.

But I can’t call myself ‘AdventureRob’ and avoid doing something as simple as taking pictures of other humans. So my adventure this time was to make use of my new camera and lens and have a go at street photography. Taking candid photos of the characters around Shinjuku in Tokyo, Japan. Here’s how I got on…

Japanese fat bruce lee imitator

Bruce Lee!

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Cherry Blossom in wind