Summer Days

June 14, 2011 · 1 comment

This is guest post. It’s that time of year. Getting out of bed in the morning is a feat, our breaths are visible in the crisp early morning air and scarves are coming down from the top of the cupboard. For most of us in Australia, it’s chilly. It’s also the time of year when across the seas, in the fair skied Europe, things are heating up and an atmosphere of ‘we made it’ starts to emerge. The good news is, a seat on a bargain flight is all you need to lift the sentence of short days and blistering cold and darkness, and bare your limbs to the sun.
If you need any reason to get overseas sometime in the next few months, here they are, along with some suggestions on where you’ll find your best summer yet!

  • Long days: We get long days in Australia in the summer but for seriously long days or days that never end, Europe (especially very far north) is the place to go. With the added bonus of clear pearly skies, summer evening kickbacks can last forever. In Paris it often doesn’t get completely dark until at least 11pm, so you’ve got endlessly long French evenings to enjoy fine company, great food and wine, and blissful weather.

Bali is perfect in the evenings

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