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Prague on a Budget

June 19, 2011 · 3 comments

This is a guest post from Ceri Houlbrook.

As a self-proclaimed history-buff, culture-junkie and travel-addict, a trip to Prague obviously ranked high on my bucket list. I’d heard nothing but good things about Czech’s beautiful capital; everyone who’s been there sings its praises, commending the architecture, the history, the atmosphere – and, more often than not, the beer.

Old Town Square

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Macau is the hottest vacation destination few people really know much about. Located in China across the Pearl River estuary from Hong Kong. Macau is the place people go when they really love to gamble. It’s a hotter gambling destination than Las Vegas. Macau offers all the exotic pleasures of Asia. Formerly controlled by the Portuguese, it became the first European territory in the Far East when power was ceeded to them in the 16th Century. It was the last place Europeans held under their control in the Far East until China took over its administration in 1999. Still Macau remains a playground for gamblers and other vacationers. China has agreed to let Macau remain essentially independent for another 50 years.


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This is a guest post from Jade Eva. Jade is an English Literature student who has read books based in all the corners of the world. But now she wants to see it for herself.

I’ll be honest. On my backpacking tour of Europe, Istanbul was not one of the places that I was really that bothered about visiting. Friends had told me it was way too expensive for a gap year visit. However, I found myself with a bit of spare cash and decided: what have I got to lose? So off I went Istanbul.

As my darling Mum used to say, good things come in threes (I think). So get ready for my top three highlights of Istanbul! Exciting, no?

Hagia Sophia

Hagia Sofia

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If you’re in Australia, you’ll want to see all the tourist attractions. If you have a sense of adventure and enjoy the unusual, though, you’ll really want to visit these seven places.

7. The Old Melbourne Gaol

Rumored to be one of the most haunted sites in Australia, the Old Melbourne Gaol has a long, dark history. This dreary prison hosted 136 executions, including that of infamous bushranger Ned Kelly. Take a candlelight tour at night and hope that you don’t attract the attention of any angry spirits that may be lingering there.

6. Tour a Diamond Mine

Diamonds are a girls best friend

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Munching in Malta

May 6, 2011 · 2 comments

This is a guest post from Jade Eva.

Once again I found myself in that familiar student-traveller situation, the heavily unbalanced ratio of “the desire to go somewhere new” to “bank balance”. No prizes for which side had a larger quantity. However, armed with the unstoppable forces of the internet, as well as some handy travel guides, I managed to travel without destroying my savings fund.

My chosen destination was Malta, an island with gorgeous beaches, fantastic food and even better weather. However, unless you want to spend your visit surrounded by sun-worshipping tourists…I would steer clear of the beaches. By midday, most of the beaches are heaving with locals and tourists which is not exactly the most relaxing of experiences…

Maltese water

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