Macau: The Las Vegas Of The Far East

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Macau is the hottest vacation destination few people really know much about. Located in China across the Pearl River estuary from Hong Kong. Macau is the place people go when they really love to gamble. It’s a hotter gambling destination than Las Vegas. Macau offers all the exotic pleasures of Asia. Formerly controlled by the Portuguese, it became the first European territory in the Far East when power was ceeded to them in the 16th Century. It was the last place Europeans held under their control in the Far East until China took over its administration in 1999. Still Macau remains a playground for gamblers and other vacationers. China has agreed to let Macau remain essentially independent for another 50 years.


Most of the fun happens on the Macau Peninsula. It is 8.5 square kilometers of land packed with people and pleasure palaces. Some people play online roulette, but the real players plunk down their dollars at the roulette tables in Macau. At night the skyline of the Macau Peninsula is ablaze with twinkling, colorful lights, its streets are packed with people and music and merriment is everywhere.

For those who want to get away from the crowds, Macau is the most densely populated country in the world, there are the islands of Taipa, Colane and Cotai. These three islands are linked to the Macau Peninsula by bridges and causeways and offer the partied out visitors a place to relax and rejuvenate before heading back to the casinos and party places on the Peninsula. Colane has mountains, hiking trails, two beaches and Macau’s first golf course. There is also a resort to refresh the world weary travelers. Tapai, located south of the Peninsula, is where most residents of Macau live. The Macau International Airport is also located there. Even the best online casinos cannot match this experience.

Cotai Strip

Cotai Strip Arena

Cotai is not really an island. Called the Cotai Strip, it is a reclaimed piece of land quickly morphing into the world’s gambling capital. The largest casino in the world is located there along with smaller ones and hotels, internet casino facilities, sports facilities and other fun places are being built.

The food in Macau is a blend of Asian, African and European fare that are often presented as part of the same meal. It is spicy, exotic and good. When you get tired of online casinos, head to Macau. Its your best bet.

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