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Lolitas and Leaflets

November 23, 2010 · 3 comments

Walking around Akinhabara you’ll notice a lot of girls dressed up promoting shops by handing out leaflets. They tend to sport the lolita style outfit to gain attention, because cute (or kawaii in Japanese) rules over everything else. I collected the leaflets for a night trying to figure out what they were. At first glance they look like something a pimp would hand out, but they are actually promoting all sorts of things. Cafe’s, electronics shops and massage parlours (legit ones) seem to be the most popular.

Japanese Massage leaflet

Massage Leaflet

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It’s been a while since I’ve put a mid-week photo up here, and you’ve probably noticed my new header image since I’ve been in Japan (I tend to change my header to a place that I’m visiting even if it’s not what I’m blogging about). If you’re reading this in an RSS reader then it’s worth popping by to see what a difference it makes. Ironically this has less detail than my header because it’s much smaller. Anyhow here is the full image:

Forget the main streets too, check out the backstreets for even more things you never thought existed

Be sure to visit Anna’s blog running ‘Show me Japan’ photo series who inspired me to put this one up, she can be found at BudgetTrouble.com