Note: This page was updated on 1/1/16 to link to newer models of the camera’s mentioned, apologies if I send you to an older model if you decide to buy one of these.

I’ve been talking a lot about photography recently, I’ll try to get back to travel stuff from the next post onwards, honest! But I’m so happy with photography and my current camera it reminds me of when I got my first dSLR and saw the quality improvement over a basic point and shoot. I really feel the need to shout about this camera.

I’m talking about the Olympus OM-D E-M5 (or latest model: Mark II version). It sounds much like a computer code rather than a product name, like a lot of cameras do, so what makes it so special and suitable for travel?

OM-D in hand

In my hand - yes it's small

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What’s Going On?

April 4, 2012 · 8 comments

I’ve not done much of an update on this website in a while (not even a April 1st joke!), so thought I’d take the time to explain. It’s certainly not abandoned, but my topics of choice to write about are getting slimmer, the main reason being this is my travel blog, and I’ve not travelled much in the past half year. But to counteract that I will be on the move next week again. Where to do you ask?… Read the rest! \(^u^)/ →


My Neighbour Totoro Studio Ghibli stained glass window


Ever since I got to Singapore in my travels (about 2 months in), which next to Hong Kong has some of the cheapest electrical products in the world. I have been travelling with a Canon SLR camera. To be more precise a Canon 500D. The amateur / enthusiast level aimed SLR camera, weighing in at around 500g body only, and closer to 800g with battery, memory card and basic kit lens (naff quality 3x zoom). Add in things like a battery charger, bag, cleaning equipment, then it easily hits the 1Kg mark, where it starts to become significant in your airline luggage allowance, especially if you fly on cheaper airlines with 15Kg luggage limits.

Canon 500D image

The trusty 500D

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This is a guest post from Sarah Paige. She has written an article about travelling with a GPS unit, don’t forget these can apply to walking devices as well as in car, and also many modern phones will have similar GPS capability too, before you go spending. Enter Sarah:

There is little doubt that GPS units can be worth their weight in gold, especially if you’ll be travelling to unfamiliar places. They save time, ease frustration and best of all, are immensely helpful in getting you from A to B without getting lost. But is a GPS really all it’s cracked up to be?

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