Driving to Vegas

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Refreshed from real sleep, like normal people get, I was excited to be going to Vegas, via American muscle car. Sin City, here we come… of course Harue wanted to meet another family member first (which was great) and also go shopping (not so much).

Half a wasted day later, mostly in a generic shopping mall found in every developed country in the world, and I knew I had to cross the Hoover Dam off my list. Apparently outlet stores are more fascinating for a lady with some dollars burning a hole in her coach bag. Welcome to marriage life, compromising is the key to success apparently. I haven’t read many books on making a marriage work, but I’m sure they wouldn’t recommend staying inside shopping malls in order to miss an iconic structure, but at least I get a smile in return.

Fries and double-double burger

The famous double-double burger

On route was the infamous In-n-Out Burger chain though, which EVERYONE including Vegas Guy recommends. So naturally I had to go. Even vegetarians seem to recommend it. Indeed it was good, like a good quality home made burger, as opposed to a salt soaked frozen patty provided by most chains (the meat is never frozen being one of their main boasts, so I too will recommend it, even if just to say you’ve been. The big one between LA and Vegas is a popular place to stop, and is a little over half way to Vegas – Get the double-double for the full experience :-)

Anyway, burgered up and with enough shopping misery to see me out for the decade, we continue through the Nevada desert during the darkness to arrive at the high electricity consuming city which can literally be spotted miles away. Would it be cheesy and dated? Evoke memories of certain films? Outright impressive? Well all 3 I thought. But my initial impression was positive. I also wished I had a convertible as the average building is so high one can’t help but spend most of the time looking up upon first arrival.

Road to Vegas

Approaching Vegas

We drove down the strip and spotted most of the famous casino’s. Fortunately they are mostly all packed together so a car isn’t really necessary to get around, good thing as I would be returning my rental tomorrow.

Due to construction blocking a key intersection to our hotel, the strips second oldest – the Flamingo, we seemed to spend forever looking for parking, unbeknown that most, if not all the casino’s offer free parking for guests. I didn’t realise that included the Flamingo, so we parked in the Venetian car park and seemed to be in Venice upon leaving the car park.

It must have taken us 20 minutes to find an exit onto the strip, not realising we needed to go down a few floors to the casino level. Once out, it took a similar amount of time to get to the Flamingo, and then check in. Of which the receptionists with the 80’s style hairdo seemed amazed that we parked elsewhere and couldn’t find their car park hidden down a back alley behind a construction site.

So dropping off a couple of bags, we went back to the Venetian and retrieved the car, ready for it’s return tomorrow. The room was very much like a Japanese love hotel, but that’s a good thing in my opinion. The pink theme to match the Flamingo bird in their ‘GO’ rooms suited Vegas just right. We had a quick gamble in the casino which lead to a 3am return to the bedroom, slightly disappointed that the restaurants were closed. I thought this place was all 24 hours? Apparently not, just the gambling and drinking.

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