Tablet for Travel?

March 20, 2013 · 0 comments

Back when I started travelling in 2009, netbooks were all the rage. Small and portable computers running a full (albeit outdated) OS at a throwaway price made them great for travelling with. But shortly after tablets became more affordable and the netbooks started to die.

It's not too hard to dig out why when tablets like the Xperia™ Tablet do as much as a regular computer does (and more) as well as being easier to operate, faster processing (think start up and shut down times) and generally much nicer screens for watching movies and the like on.

About the only thing tablets lack is a physical keyboard if you have a need to do a lot of typing (i.e. writing a blog), but even then there are optional ones for virtually all the tablet platforms out there. I came across this infographic which shows just how much use tablets got in 2012, it's worth looking at if you don't have a tablet but are considering buying one.

Of course the main driver of using a tablet is communicaiton and internet use. Especially if you are travelling. What better way to hook up to your family at home when you've got something with built in access to the internet (the vast majority of computers need wifi remember). Another big use I get out of my tablet is learning languages. There is no need for a phrase book or awkward unsearchable bi-lingual dictionary when you've got a translation app on something like the Xperia™ Tablet. They also use very little power for reading and their size makes them idea to hold without stressing your eyes like a phone would.

I gave up travelling with a netbook a while ago, frustrated with the screen and lack of power and dated OS. A tablet is certainly a better option these days.

Tablet Sony - Infographic

Xperia™ Tablet

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