Experiencing Hong Kong at Night

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This is a guest post from Phoebe Magdirila from Maiden Voyage Travel.

Hong Kong’s Kowloon is just one of those parts in Asia that oozes with an interesting culture; so much interesting that you can find so many things to see and do here. With that being said, it’s actually such a disappointing thought that a 2-3 days’ trip usually could not immerse you enough in this tiny island’s mesmerizing culture. But not to be distraught by that fact, if days are not enough, why not make nights in Hong Kong even more worthwhile?

Fellow Asian travellers surely are familiar that this is one of the least places that becomes haunted at night. And of the long list of the possible things you can do here, undoubtedly, shopping and dining tops the list. So when going here, ditch those heels and uncomfy leather shoes, because your night experience will go hand in hand with walking in the long streets of Kowloon.

Where to Find What

Some tourists and locals say that there is a certain street for every niche — electronics, gadgets, clothes, bags, etc. While that holds true, it is also a fact that just by simply following where your feet takes you is an exhilarating experience while you find almost anything you need in every street. But nonetheless, it will help to figure out where to find the best to buys (and to eats) in these glammed-up night streets.

Gadgets Hong Kong

Gadgets Store Alley

Gadget and Accessory Hunting: Since Hong Kong is one of the best places to find cheap gadgets and electronics, going here makes it the right opportunity to buy. The street markets of Sham Shui Po have a variety of computer electronics, while in Mongkok (near Nathan Road and in Temple Street) has a long alley of stalls for mobile phones and DSLRs. You can always roam around first and find the best price before actually buying. It’s always a must to make sure that you’re buying something that’s of good quality. I myself have bought a power pack in Mongkok, which out of excitement, found out that it doesn’t work way too late. So it’s always good to check.

Mongkok Night Market

Mongkok Night Market

Clothes and Things: When I mention things, I mean a total variety. May it be bags, belts, scarves, magnets, shoes, name it all. Walking along the Mongkok market alone can bring you all these so it’s not really necessary to go farther to other markets. You can start from Nathan road, then to Jordan. The tons of sellers in these various streets can already take you hours to get through. Haggle, haggle! Some sellers can give items at 50% off at most from their regular price. Beware though, sellers can sometimes really pull you to buy their items! If you don’t want to buy, just be firm.

Eat Out: What’s a night market without good food? Boring, it is! But of course Hong Kong’s night market ain’t boring. In every corner, you can find different kinds of food: skewered street foods, noodles, Indian cuisine, and — what interested me most — live sea foods that are to be cooked right after you order it. Restaurants in Hong Kong are night are pretty festive and filled with tourists and locals alike that you will be enticed to join the fun.

Street food in HK

Street Foods

There are just so much sight to see, and things to do. You can either take a map with you and tourist guide stuff or just simply opt to let your foot bring to whichever (there are tons to see and experience!) or find that specific niche. Do not worry about getting lost as long as you know your way back to your hotel via MTR, you should be fine.

Phoebe Magdirila is a journalist by profession and travel blogger by heart. Currently one of the bloggers at Maiden Voyage Travel , she believes in her never ending mission of conquering the world.† Connect with her on Twitter.

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