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October 7, 2011 · 3 comments

This is a guest post from Jasper Johannes.

Singapore, being centrally located in South East Asia is the ideal mecca to begin your Asian journey from, or even end it in style with amazing memories. Being second only to Monaco with it’s intensely crowded population, it is indeed a vibrant hub of cultures, religions, nationalities and personalities and with the amazing cuisine on offer there really is something here for everyone.

The main types of cuisine that you will find on offer here are Chinese, Indian, Indonesian, Malaysian and Thai meaning that there is a very broad spectrum of delicious foods available to try here, all influenced by some of the worlds most culturally rich countries. There are some really delicious delicacies in Singapore, some that really should not be missed. You will find truly delicious variations of Chinese dishes here that cannot be found throughout the rest of the country and all the more reason to try everything that you can while here.

With Singapore being occupied by a large Chinese population it is fair to say that most of the cuisine you will come across here is a mixture of Chinese blended with other wonderful inspirations such as Malaysian food which is a huge influence here and makes for more beautiful dishes than you can shake a stick at!

group shot of people eating indian food

Don't forget Indian food in Singapore too

Bak Chang: A savoury dish of dumplings made from pork, mushrooms & salted egg which are cooked in steamed bamboo leaves. This dish is a real example of some of the more traditional Chinese cuisine that is on offer here.

Lor Mee: A Hokkien dish of noodles, meat roll slices, fishcake & bean sprouts which has been cooked in a dark soy sauce. This is quite a heavy dish with lots of corn starch and is delicious with added vinegar and garlic for an extra kick.

Oyster Omelette: This is basically an omelette made with special flour and an egg mixture that while looking a little like something that could be found in England is a true taste not to be missed. This dish is made by Hawkers and generally found in the night markets throughout Singapore, it is a real warming dish.

Pau: This is a type of steamed bun, made with yeast generally, this is filled with a wide variety of different fillings. Some of the best include pumpkin, barbecue flavoured char siu pork and the meat ones that contain a delicious broth as well that is very well encased making for a deliciously surprising taste.

Some of the appetizing dishes inspired by Malaysia & Indonesia include the following:

Acar – This is a pickled vegetable mix made from various vegetables including cabbage, carrots and beans which are all pickled in vinegar with dried chillies and sometimes have garlic added. This is then mixed with ground peanuts for a bowl of vegetables that are truly out of this world, so delicious that they can easily be enjoyed on their own fresh from one of the street vendors.

Ha Jeung – While not being a dish in itself this is a shrimp paste that compliments so many dishes in Singapore and works incredibly well. This is made from fermented shrimp that is ground down, sun dried and then cut in to blocks ready for use in cooking. This should not be eaten raw due to the cooking methods and the type of product used within and this is often slow boiled before being served as a dip in restaurants with fish and vegetables.

Nasi Kuning – This is a true Indonesian inspired dish complete with coconut milk, tumeric and rice. This is a delicious yellow rice that is a fantastic accompaniment to almost any dish and has a wonderful fresh, vibrant taste to it.

Nasi Goreng – This name can refer to many different types of rice dishes and the best ones are those that used fried rice with shallots, garlic, chilli and tamarind paste. This is ideal tossed through with chicken for a delicious variation of the standard Chinese fried rice.

There really is so many different types and styles of cuisine in Singapore that you could happily be here for the rest of your life looking for something new to try and never being disappointed from one day to the next. Lots of recipes here will incorporate rice, noodles, bean sprouts and vegetables for some of the most beautiful dishes ever tasted.

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Caroline @ Traveling 9 to 5 February 1, 2012 at 11:49 AM

I’m in Singapore now and am going to start keeping my eye out for these foods – they all sound great!


AdventureRob February 2, 2012 at 9:14 PM

They certainly are! Enjoy Singapore.


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