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This is a guest post from Michal Kniec, after completing a History degree in Canada, he decided that a little change of scenery would do him some good and moved across the world to Manchester. Now studying law, he loves to write, cook, and travel as much as possible on this pale blue dot.

It was 4 in the morning, maybe 5, when I got the call from a friend telling me that he’ll visit my home in London, Ontario, Canada within the next few days. Not completely awake, I agreed to show him around and immediately went back to sleep. Waking up a few hours later I realized that I had quite a task ahead of me. He had already been to Canada and I knew that he wanted to see something more than the average tourist. Having lived in my destination, Ontario most of my life I knew my way around and quickly created an itinerary for us to follow. When he arrived I was more than ready, and we both set off on an extra-ordinary trek across the province.

Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls

I knew I had to start off on the right foot and decided to go up to Niagara Falls for the event of the area: the “Oh Canada eh?” show. The dinner show exhibits perhaps the most stereotypical of Canadian culture. Costing around $24 per person, the musical portrayal of the nations history, as well as the playful food, were simply brilliant. Launching a huge array of different jokes for over 2 hours, it made for a great night out.

Next on the itinerary was in Niagara-on-the-Lake region that exhibited a hidden Canadian treasure known only to aficionados. Ontario weather can be quite hot during the summer, so we headed to The Ice House Winery that holds some of the nicest cold wines in the world, producing a uniquely tasting treat. It’s like having a wine slushy, and for only $2 it is very cooling experience. Taking a tour of the area through a car is a great way to explore an area of Canada that many tourists simply don’t get that chance to do. Filled with history and many different locations to try out, I would highly recommend it.


Ontario in Autumn

Still in South Ontario, I knew that experiencing Canada’s most famous festival in Stratford was something that could not be missed. Begun in the 1950’s it takes after the celebrated English poet and author, coming from the same named area overseas. The Stratford Shakespeare Festival has incredibly high calibre performances from some of the world’s most famous actors. Each season holding something new, shows cost anywhere between $30 to well over $160 depending on the seat and the performance…but they are all certainly worth it.



Moving father up North, we finally reached Toronto, Ontario’s largest city. Skipping the all too busy CN Tower as well as busy streets, we immediately found our way to the Hockey Hall of Fame. It is not a hidden fact that Canadians pride themselves on the sport that they invented, and the museum celebrates the most well known sport as well as holds the famed Stanley Cup. Costing around $16, it is a truly electrifying experience, putting you in the place of the most powerful and cold sport around.

We were going into the wilderness on the final leg of our journey, exploring the heart of Ontario. With so many different places to visit, Algonquin Provisional Park tends to be the most favored by locals, with an enormous amount of activities from hiking to canoeing wherever you’d like. With absolutely sunning sights, the region stretches out for nearly 55 kilometers and is filled with wildlife. Bring lots of bug spray and a great tent and be prepared to experience the real Ontario that few tourists get to see!

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Denise Michaels Excellent Adventure July 24, 2011 at 7:24 PM

Ontario is a beautiful place. I lived in the Detroit area the first 34 years of my life and took many enjoyable trips over the Ambassador bridge or under the tunnel to experience Ontario and Canada.

Your pictures here are lovely. Just reminds me of the trips I’ve taken to Toronto, Niagra Falls and even provincial parks like Point Peelee (hope I spelled that right).

I now live in the Western US in Las Vegas. Next month my husband and I are taking a Pacific Northwest Tour to Portland OR, Seattle WA, and, Vancouver, BC. It’s all about getting out of the Vegas heat in August – and enjoying these great cities. When I read you blog and look at the pictures it makes me want to make next years’ August Adventure to Ontario. Maybe a bit of Michigan (my ol’ stompin’ grounds), too. *smile*


AdventureRob July 29, 2011 at 4:34 AM

Awesome Denise! You make me want to go more now too, America is one place I’ve not really touched much at all (only the usual theme parks in Florida as a child).


Greg July 26, 2011 at 2:04 PM

The photos are truly astonishing. I love how you’ve captured how light falls on the beautiful red autumn leaves.


Bluegreen Kirk July 27, 2011 at 7:49 PM

Toronto was suppose to be on my plan of places to visit this year but I just could get the days off. Ontario i here is a great place to visit and Autumn leaves and just look great! Nice guest post! How is Manchester?


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