When preparing to take a holiday, travellers have a lot of options in regards to possible destinations. Often the climate and weather of a certain region comes into play and for some people, the nations of the South Pacific provide a temperate climate that appeals to them while on holiday. Not only do these nations offer temperate climates but they also offer visitors a host of activities in which to participate. For instance, casino gambling is popular in this region with many countries having their own casinos.

The Australian City of Perth provides an excellent casino for travellers. Formerly known as the Burswood Entertainment Complex, the name has since been changed and shortened to the Crown Perth and this casino offers casino gambling opportunities around the clock. When guests which to take a break for a meal, they can select from seven different restaurants offering an extensive range of cuisine.

The Philippines offer many different casinos and one of the best is located in Cebu City. Here the Casino Filipino offers guests a midsized casino, expect to find a nice range of casino games, these would include: blackjack, craps, baccarat, roulette, bingo, mini baccarat and slot machines. The casino is opened 24 hours with the exception of certain holidays when it is closed.

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Two casinos have been opened in Vanuatu since it gained its independence from France and Britain who co-managed the island nation. Both casinos are found within the same city and are part of hotels. One of these is the Club 21 Limited – Its game offerings are a bit more limited than the second casino here which is the Palms Casino. Expect to find only two kinds of table games at Club 21 which are baccarat and blackjack.

New Zealand is also home to several casinos, both of the online type such as GamingClub.com, and many land-based ones, for example the capital city of Auckland is where you can find the SkyCity Auckland Casino. The complex is centrally located within the city and sites below the Sky Tower and this makes it possible to view the city for 360 degrees. The Sky Tower is the tallest manmade structure in the country and the casino has over 100 table games and the gaming machines number over 1600. When taking a break from the casino action, guests can enjoy one of 20 different eating establishments.

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Sydney is a bustling city with plenty of things to do. I lived there for 3 months back in 2010 so got to experience a fair amount of what the city has too offer. Here’s a few ideas from my own experiences.

Visit the Botanic Gardens and Take a Photo of the Sydney Opera House

Sydney Harbour bridge and opera house

Sydney Harbour at night

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This is a guest post from Sarah Paige. She has written an article about travelling with a GPS unit, don’t forget these can apply to walking devices as well as in car, and also many modern phones will have similar GPS capability too, before you go spending. Enter Sarah:

There is little doubt that GPS units can be worth their weight in gold, especially if you’ll be travelling to unfamiliar places. They save time, ease frustration and best of all, are immensely helpful in getting you from A to B without getting lost. But is a GPS really all it’s cracked up to be?

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For adrenaline junkies, the feeling of dancing with danger and emerging unscathed in the crucible of nature’s playground is unquenchable.

Below, Travel Supermarket takes a look at ten of the most extreme pursuits to be undertaken, anywhere in the world:

Shark Diving in Cape Town

Shark Diving in Cape Town

10) Cage diving with sharks – providing all of the adrenaline, with none of the danger, at least in theory, this is an ideal rush for the adventurous tourist. Great White Sharks are apex predators that can grow to over twenty feet! Even jumping into an underwater cage, you still wonder about the strength of the steel bars when in the presence of such a fierce giant at feeding time. Great White encounters are available off the Western Cape of South Africa, where the sharks come to feed on their natural quarry of seals.

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During my travels, I have only had one day visiting vineyards and wineries. I blogged about it my time in these Australian wineries previously, while I only had a day visiting them, I visited around 7 including a chocolate tasting place and a beer brewery too, one great thing about them is they are often closely located.

Wine is for happy times

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