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Popular Manga Cosplay at Comiket, not sure where this is frommanga cosplay

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Comiket Tokyo

August 2, 2011 · 3 comments

Comiket is a shortened name derived from Comic Market. As I mentioned in an old post on how busy is Comiket? Comiket now attracts half a million visitors per each 3 day event (known as the summer and winter Comiket). It is a free event but they encourage sales of the Comiket catalougue, detailing what is on the stands each day. It is an epic book itself, about the same size as the bible and Qur’an combined… but with more pictures obviously!


Comiket Winter 2010 Catalogue

It is the worlds largest gathering on self published comic books, known as dōjinshi in Japan (and the world for that matter). The vast majority of displays are amateurs but some professional artists turn up to sell their work (which is often sold on afterwards up to 10x as much due to them being rare). Read the rest! \(^u^)/ →


I was told Comiket would be busy. I went on the least busiest day of the year – 31st December. Comiket is the biggest manga convention in the world (I will explain more in my next post). It is broke into 3 day summer and 3 day winter events in a feeble attempt to make it less busy, has just doubled the yearly average of 400,000 people in attendance on each long weekend.

This is a video of me walking to the entrance…

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